Julian Grant


I am a tenured Associate Professor in the Cinema Art & Science department at Columbia College Chicago.  As this is the largest film school in the world (outside of Bejing, China), it is an incredible place for a 'cinemaniac' such as myself to continue to evolve.  My colleagues are a unique amalgamation of Hollywood hit-makers, studied academics, inventive experimental and counter-culture theorists (not to mention award-winning artists and other esteemed pedagogical practitioners) - so it makes for a wonderfully fertile place for me to engage the newest generation of Imagists and storytellers.

As an artist and as an educator I am committed to the education and encouragement of these Cinema 2.0 devotees as they move through our college and out into the world at large.  It's an honor and a privilege to be at Ground Zero for this re-imagining of cinema.  As Internet distribution, digital image acquisition and social media broadcasting reshapes how we perceive the role of the filmmaker in today's society, I have a chance to learn alongside my student as they face the future.

Detailed below please find some of the areas I have taught:

Undergraduate Courses Taught:

Animation Portfolio Development, The Business of Animation, Grindhouse & Eurocult Cinema, Poverty Row Cinema, Directing Strategies For The Microcinema, The Line Producer Workshop, The Assistant Director Workshop , Moving Image Production, Independent Study - Business Model, Independent Study - Producing, VFX Supervisor Workshop, Directing II, Independent Study - Editing , Producing III, Directing I, Practicum Screenwriting & Practicum Advanced AD.

Graduate Level Courses Taught:

Directing II, Directing III, The Line Producer’s Workshop

Coordinator for  – Cinema Visual FX.

Directly responsible for supervision and administration of instructors within specific disciplines. Duties include curricular development, human resource management, corporate and academic communications.

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