Julian Grant


This is where I started - back in 1992 when I made my first feature film, "Bust A Move."  The picture cost me $28,000 in lab deferrals (thanks, Deluxe) and got me in the game.  When people ask me how to get into the picture business, I tell them simply.  "Just make a film". 

Filmmaking will never be about the money.  Simply because it is too much of the heart.  It is so close and personal and usually/rarely has the kind of mass commercial appeal that most distributors look for.  Rare are the filmmakers and the films that prove to be both artistically satisfying - and commercially successful. With contemporary movies consigned to bargain-basement TV pricing (I made a lot of those) or high budget, VFX driven tent pole franchises, movies have never been more expensive - or toothless.

So I returned - hat in hand - to start making films once again.  I knew that I would have to finance them myself, beg, borrow and steal supplies and locations - and make the best of a limited budget (whatever I had in my wallet) and the kindness of strangers.

Detailed below are examples of my latest filmmaking:

THE DEFILED - Art Horror Exploitation shot in 2:35 with no distinguishable dialogue.  Think "Quest for Fire" meets "Night of The Living Dead".  A worthy start to my 'fiercely-independent' battle cry.

FALL AWAY - Winner of 5 NYC International Film Festival Awards, we follow Jake and John and Mel in a bi-sexual drama of love, life and loss.  Inspired by a true story, this film continues to make audiences cry and is available on a video-on-demand outlet near you.

ROUNDABOUT AMERICAN - I produced this film (never say never) for my friend, Boris Wexler and used every skill I had to put every penny on-screen.  A French fish-out-of-water fable, it stars some of the best talent in Chicago and is a goofy, beautiful drama-dy I am very proud of.

F*CKLOAD OF SCOTCH TAPE - This is my Neo Noir feature I am just finishing up (as of April 2012).  It's "Fight Club" meets "My Fair Lady" set to the songs of Kevin Quain and based on characters and stories by Jedidiah Ayres. You can check out the trailer and follow the film here.
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