Julian Grant


This is my current WIP that I shall complete this Summer 2012.  Once again I am teaming up with The Clockwork Quartet in a film about the face of God and meaning in the universe.  The notions of the God within is an intriguing one for me and a story that many I think will enjoy.  I will be working for the first time with the Voyageur landscape generation system and I've included a small Artist Proof below as a proof of concept.

I wanted my hero to travel the face of the world and out into space looking for meaning - only to find it within himself.

As the work evolved and I was exposed to the wonderful work available from Hubble/esa and NASA, the final film became a greater meditation of life and death.  Like most of my work, it is a little sad and doesn't end well.  Perhaps this is a little like life?

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